Aaron Totemeier



Aaron Totemeier

Vice President, Fuel Cycle Technology and Fuel Fabrication

Aaron Totemeier is an expert in nuclear fuel technologies, radiation damage, and the nuclear fuel cycle. He joined Lightbridge in 2008 as a nuclear engineer and soon became an integral member of the fuel technology development team.

Mr. Totemeier was involved in many aspects of Lightbridge’s thorium seed and blanket fuel technology development and evaluating its deployment in the existing light water reactor infrastructure. In 2010 Mr. Totemeier became the Director of Fuel Cycle Technology & Fuel Fabrication for Lightbridge, leading the technology development for Lightbridge’s advanced metallic fuel for power uprates and cycle length extension. In this role, Mr. Totemeier provides technical oversight and direction for Lightbridge’s research and development activities including coordination with partner entities and management of technical consultants. Mr. Totemeier provides strategic advice on nuclear power projects for Lightbridge and its partners, including technology evaluation, development, and regulatory compliance.

Prior to joining Lightbridge, Mr. Totemeier was a laboratory manager at the Fuel Cycle & Materials Laboratory at Texas A&M University, a leading nuclear fuel cycle experimental facility. While there, Mr. Totemeier worked with many nuclear fuel cycle research projects including the development of fabrication technologies for advanced metallic nuclear fuels via extrusion.

Mr. Totemeier earned bachelor of science and master of science degrees in nuclear engineering at Purdue University and earned a PhD degree in nuclear engineering at Texas A&M University.