Clients and Services



Lightbridge Corporation provides comprehensive development strategies for new and expanding nuclear programs and assists with the implementation of detailed plans. These are particular and confidential to each customer. By evaluating international, national, industrial and agency goals and constraints, Lightbridge is able to provide strategies that identify and exploit opportunities and minimize risk, providing a roadmap to success. We also provide technical support to operating utilities, regulatory bodies, and vendors. A summary of clients and services are described below.

Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC)
Program Office Support
Lightbridge has assisted ENEC from its inception to become an effective and efficient program delivery organization. We supported the NPP prime contractor selection, and provide ongoing corporate support in contract management, contractor oversight, program management, risk management, corporate business planning, performance measurement, IAEA compliance, knowledge management, localization and fuel cycle strategy.
UAE Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation(FANR)
Nuclear Regulatory Organization Support
Lightbridge has provided strategic and technical support for the entire life of UAE’s nuclear regulatory authority, helping to make it a capable body in a very short period of time. Our work includes development of regulations, guides, plans, procedures, and training incorporating the best elements of many international regulatory regimes. We also provide strategic advice and assistance in the design, implementation and management of the regulatory authority and support certain project management and execution activities related to the development of the organization including: organizational structure, management model, recruiting, and strategic decision making.
Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)
Regional nuclear infrastructure system study
Lightbridge performed an assessment of potential regional cooperation for the development of civil nuclear power programs for electricity generation and water desalination. The study identified and evaluated areas for cooperation amongst the six countries, focusing on options within legal frameworks, regulations, siting, human resource development, fuel supply and security, waste management, emergency planning, and a joint regional Nuclear Power Plant. The highest ranked options are currently being implemented by the member states.
Kuwait National Nuclear Energy Council (KNNEC)
Nuclear power and renewable energy feasibility study
Lightbridge performed the siting study in Kuwait to determine suitability of available sites and ranked potential sites for nuclear power plants. We also assessed the economic feasibility of nuclear power and renewable energy by performing a levelized cost of electricity analysis and developing a power and water systems model to analyze potential cost and benefits of nuclear power and renewable energy technologies.
Operating Nuclear Facilities
Nuclear Safety and Regulatory Assessments
Lightbridge has provided consulting services to nuclear utilities in the USA and Asia; including:

  • Advice and support to Station Management regarding corrective actions for containment design control deficiencies and an Enforcement Conference with the NRC.
  • Advice and support to corporate Engineering and Station Management regarding safety assessment and analysis of steam generator tube deficiencies and the associated vendor root cause analyses reports.
  • Assessment of construction corrective actions, status readiness review and regulatory issues for initial NRC licensing.
  • Support of the independent assessment of nuclear safety component procurement quality and prevention of counterfeit, fraudulent, or suspect items within the supply chain of operating nuclear power plants. Expert witness for legal proceedings regarding nuclear safety and regulatory matters.
Nuclear New Build Project Owners & Vendors
Independent Risk Assessments & Expert Witness
Lightbridge performed project risk assessments of nuclear power programs under construction as well as programs undergoing initial feasibility:

  • Analysis of nuclear regulatory and licensing risk, and development of mitigating actions for a potential investor in the United Kingdom’s new build program.
  • Independent risk assessment supporting Toshiba Corporate Audit Division’s review of Vogtle and VC Summer new build projects.


Executive Affairs Authority, Abu Dhabi (EAA)
Planning and implementing a new nuclear power program
Lightbridge created a nuclear energy program Roadmap for the UAE in order to inform early policy decisions and to define the details of an overall program plan, organizational designs, resource requirements, NPP procurement, and infrastructure development. In implementing early critical path activities, Lightbridge performed a site suitability assessment to identify preferred and alternate sites, analyzed impacts on the electricity grid, established and managed the procurement process for a site characterization contractor and a managing agent, prepared the detailed procurement process for the Prime Contractor, and supported the establishment of the independent nuclear regulator by defining its structure and organizational requirements, recruiting for key personnel, and assistance in drafting the national nuclear law and regulations.