Kenneth S. Petersen



Kenneth S. Petersen

Exelon Generation Company, LLC

Vice President, Nuclear Fuels

Kenneth Peterson is considered an expert on nuclear fuels and has more than 23 years of experience in the nuclear industry. Ken has been a member of Lightbridge’s Nuclear Utility Fuel Advisory Board since its inception in 2011.

Ken Petersen was named Vice President of Nuclear Fuels for Exelon Nuclear in June 2009. As Vice President, he is responsible for overseeing the entire Nuclear Fuels organization, which focuses on fuel operations, supply, spent fuel storage and the elimination of fuel failures and channel distortion issues. Ken joined the company in 1988. He has held several positions in commercial and technical areas. He was then named the Technical Director and Fuel Supply Director for 7 years. As director in Fuels, he played a key role in developing the long term fuel procurement plan and handled most technical aspects of utilizing the fuel in the reactor. In August 2008, Ken was named Fuel Supply and Spent Fuel Senior Director.

Ken earned his master´s and bachelor´s degrees in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, WI.