Jonathan Baggett



Jonathan Baggett

Vice President, Program Management

Deputy Nuclear Quality Assurance Manager

Jonathan Baggett is an expert in systems analysis, product design, program planning, and project management. A certified Project Management Professional, he joined Lightbridge in 2007, supporting clients’ new build nuclear power programs and Lightbridge’s nuclear quality assurance program.

From 2007-2008, Mr. Baggett was based in Abu Dhabi much of the time, serving as a project manager for the technology selection and procurement aspects of the Company’s Roadmap for Success, the strategic plan for development of the commercial nuclear energy program of the United Arab Emirates, including construction the 4-unit nuclear power complex at Barakah. As the Lightbridge project manager, he had ongoing involvement in all areas of the UAE nuclear power program, including supporting major procurements, infrastructure assessment, program management, risk management, systems integration planning, program performance assessments, corporate business planning, and operational readiness. Mr. Baggett periodically supports updates to portions of the Roadmap. His support in 2014-2015 based in the South Korea office of Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) included strategic analysis, and oversight of material management and quality assurance.

Mr. Baggett’s work for Lightbridge advising the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC) in 2011 led to the identification of regional civil nuclear power cooperation projects within the six GCC member states. He also supported policy analysis, program planning, and feasibility assessments for the State of Kuwait in 2011. Mr. Baggett also benchmarks industry best practices for several clients. He periodically speaks at industry conferences on nuclear new build. In 2016, he became a member of the Nuclear Energy Institute’s Suppliers Standing Committee. This committee develops policy guidance, facilitates the resolution of issues facing suppliers, and provides insight and advice to the Nuclear Energy Institute.

Beginning in 2016, Mr. Baggett is also the Deputy Nuclear Quality Assurance Manager for Lightbridge’s nuclear fuel development and commercialization program. Mr. Baggett supports nuclear quality assurance audits and oversight for the Lightbridge metallic fuel program in the United States, Canada, Norway, Sweden, and France, as well as visits in support of nuclear quality assurance for other companies in the nuclear power industry.

Prior to joining Lightbridge, Mr. Baggett was a Senior Project Engineer for Medical Solutions, where he led the design and development of multiple patented medical products currently sold in the market. Before that, he was a Manufacturing Engineer at TigHitco where he implemented lean manufacturing techniques into the production process of aircraft and marine thermal insulation components.

Mr. Baggett earned a bachelor of science degree in aerospace engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology and a masters degree in systems engineering at the University of Virginia.