The commercial nuclear energy industry is projected to grow rapidly at a time of rising global demand for reliable, carbon-free, base load electric power.  There are currently 437 operable civil nuclear reactors in 30 countries around the world, with 65 reactors under construction and 481 on order, planned or proposed, according to the World Nuclear Association. By 2040, the International Energy Agency projects a 58% increase in nuclear capacity from a combination of power uprates and reactor construction.

Lightbridge’s patented fuel design can help nuclear utilities worldwide improve operating economics, increase power output and enhance reactor safety.  The Company remains well positioned to realize high-margin revenue streams from technology licensing fees and royalties from a growing $25 billion annual market for nuclear fuel.

At Lightbridge, we believe that diversity is key to our competitive advantage and we value the collective strengths of all our employees.  We are a proud Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE).