Patent Portfolio



Patent Portfolio

Our nuclear fuel technologies are protected by multiple U.S. and international patents. We also hold certain intellectual property as trade secrets. We are continually executing a strategy aimed at further expanding our intellectual property portfolio.

In addition to our patent portfolio, we also own the following trademarks:

Registered US Trademarks:

  • LIGHTBRIDGE corporate name (Registration No. 3933449)
  • Lightbridge’s corporate logo (Registration No. 3933450)
  • THORIUM POWER corporate name (Registration No. 3791726)

Registered International Trademarks:

  • LIGHTBRIDGE corporate name in key countries
  • Lightbridge’s corporate logo in key countries
  • THORIUM POWER corporate name in key countries

Pending Trademark Applications:

  • LIGHTBRIDGE corporate name (US Application No. 86171723)
  • Lightbridge’s corporate logo design mark (US Application No. 86171750)