René A. Delaney

Quality Assurance Manager

Mr. Rene' A. Delaney has over 35 years of Nuclear Quality Assurance Management Experience. His extensive background consists of expertise in Nondestructive Testing, Welding and Mechanical Inspection, Auditing, Material Testing, Nuclear Fuel Quality Assurance, Quality Assurance Program Development and Management. Mr. Delaney retired from Constellation Energy after 26 years in the Nuclear Quality Assurance Department at Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station.

After his retirement from Constellation Energy in 2006, he started a successful consulting business, Nuclear Quality Oversight, specializing in internal/external audits, inspections, Quality Program Management and Quality Program Development.

Mr. Delaney has been an ASME NQA-1 certified Lead Auditor since 1986 and has performed over 350 Nuclear Quality Assurance Audits/Surveys nationally and internationally. Mr. Delaney has a Diploma from the American Society for Metals Engineering Institute in "Testing and Inspection".