Jon Johnson

Senior Vice President, Nuclear Regulatory Expert


Jon Johnson, a former senior executive with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, is one of the foremost authorities on the licensing, safety, and regulation of nuclear power plants; he has been with Lightbridge Corporation since 2008. Regulatory agencies around the world have looked to Mr. Johnson for advice on reactor safety design, operation, and oversight matters, including the United Arab Emirates’ Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, and the Japanese Nuclear Safety Institute.

As deputy director of the NRC’s Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Mr. Johnson helped manage personnel across several departments, including inspection, licensing, assessment, and event response at all 104 commercial and 26 research nuclear reactor facilities in the United States. Earlier in his career, Mr. Johnson was a deputy regional administrator, branch chief, and senior inspector for the NRC. He was the NRC’s principal liaison to other countries’ nuclear regulatory agencies and was past chair of the NRC’s License Renewal Steering Committee; he also has performed nuclear safety assessments at several Department of Energy facilities in the United States. Mr. Johnson has been a featured speaker at IAEA workshops in Europe on topics including regulatory strategy and technical support, to the OECD on regulatory practices, and he has provided consulting to senior U.S. utility executives regarding reactor safety and performance. Mr. Johnson joined the NRC after serving nearly ten years in the U.S. Navy, where he was a nuclear-trained officer who directed dual-reactor plant operations at sea.

Mr. Johnson earned a bachelor’s degree, with distinction, in physics from the U.S. Naval Academy and a master’s degree in nuclear engineering from the University of Virginia.