Advisory Services Personnel

Lightbridge Corporation has experts from every discipline within the nuclear industry, from the technology designers and suppliers, plant operators, nuclear regulators, and international nuclear agencies. This full complement of expertise allows Lightbridge to provide comprehensive, effective, and compliant support to our customers. We provide comprehensive advice in effective program deployment, nuclear safety, security, and safeguards for nuclear facility design, construction, operations and maintenance, as well as nuclear regulation, licensing, inspection, and emergency preparedness and response. Here is a list of our key personnel available.

Jon Johnson

Senior Vice President,
Nuclear Regulatory

An expert in strategic regulatory advice, licensing, inspection enforcement, security and safeguards, safety management and safety culture. More than 38 years of nuclear operational and regulatory experience, including serving as the Deputy Director, Nuclear Reactor Regulation for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Managed 12 teams to assess the safety and security at all 104 power plants in the U.S. following September 11, 2001.

Ernie Kennedy

Nuclear Deployment &
Program Manager

Expert in nuclear power program planning and implementation, strategic planning, nuclear technology and engineering, R&D, and nuclear power plant procurement. Former VP for New Plants at Westinghouse. Led the successful bidding, construction and installation of numerous nuclear power plants world-wide.

Sandy McWhirter

VP, Consulting and
Nuclear Infrastructure

Expert in nuclear power infrastructure requirements, nuclear engineering, integrated management systems, and radioactive waste management. Former head of engineering at the U.K. Atomic Energy Authority and in many senior management roles in the U.K. nuclear power industry.

James Malone

Chief Nuclear Fuel
Development Officer
and Fuel Cycle Expert

An expert in nuclear fuel procurement and nuclear waste management. More than 40 years of high-level experience in the nuclear industry that included leading all fuel cycle activities for Exelon Corporation, operator of 17 nuclear power plants in the US.

Jonathan Baggett

Vice President, Project Manager

Expertise in product design, program management, operations research, risk analysis, simulation modeling, and multi-criteria decision making techniques. Systems engineer working on several developing nuclear power programs in the Middle East region.

Regis Matzie

Nuclear Technology

A leading expert in advanced nuclear systems, advanced fuel cycles, R&D, and product development. Former Chief Technology Officer, Westinghouse Electric Corporation. Instrumental in supporting the development of the Korean nuclear power program.

Peter Gerard

Commercial Expert

Commercial and procurement expert. Long time Fellow of Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply. Former Principal Director of Contracts in UK Ministry of Defence, Commercial Director of UK shipyards (including nuclear), and Commercial Director of British Nuclear Group.

Ken Rohde

Business Performance

Experience in commercial nuclear power with Combustion Engineering, ABB, and Westinghouse Electric Company includes the development and communication of strategy; technology transfer agreements; proposal development, organizational business planning and process improvement.

Rick Turk

Nuclear Engineering

Expert in nuclear plant design and process improvement. Former Engineering Manager at ABB-CE for the development, design integration and NRC Certification of the System 80+ Standardized Plant which is currently the basis for the Korean APR1400 reactor.

Thomas Murley

Senior Nuclear
Regulatory Expert

A leading expert in strategic regulatory advice, licensing of nuclear power plants, nuclear safety, and nuclear engineering. Former Director of Nuclear Reactor Regulation at the U.S. NRC, and a longtime advisor to the OECD supporting the development of nuclear regulatory authorities globally.

Jesse Funches

Nuclear Regulatory

Unique skill set combines years of successful financial management with a comprehensive knowledge of nuclear regulatory policies and processes. Former chief financial officer for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Sam Harbison

Nuclear Regulatory

A leading expert in risk assessment, health and safety risk related regulation, radiation protection of all sources, and international nuclear regulation practices. One of the leading research scientists and nuclear physicists in the United Kingdom with more than 40 years of nuclear experience. Served as the Director of Nuclear Safety and U.K.'s Chief Inspector of Nuclear Installations, Health and Safety Executive.

Russ Clark

Nuclear Regulatory

Expertise in quality management, managing change, quality assurance (QA), training, engineering management and education, including experiences in Vienna with the IAEA and as the Director, Education and Training for the UAE's Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation.

Thomas Mazour

Nuclear Infrastructure
and Training Expert

Expert in nuclear power program implementation, human performance improvement, education and training for nuclear power, knowledge management, workforce planning and development, systematic approach to training, business ethics, stakeholder involvement/communication, mentoring, and leadership. Previous assignments for the IAEA Division of Nuclear Power.

Loren Plisco

Nuclear Regulation

An expert in radiological source regulation, construction inspection, and nuclear safety. Led the construction oversight organization at the U.S. NRC, and directed inspection and safety oversight programs for 33 commercial operating reactors and 11 fuel cycle facilities in the U.S.

Roger Shaw

Radiation Protection
and EP Expert

A leading expert on radiation protection and emergency preparedness. Was a team leader for the Emergency Preparedness Expert Panel for Entergy Nuclear to evaluate emergency preparedness of its fleet of 12 nuclear reactors in response to the Japan Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant accident.

Frank Congel

Preparedness Expert

Expert in nuclear and radiological emergency response. Former Director of Office of Enforcement at the U.S. NRC. Previous assignments at the NRC included Director of the Division of Radiation Safety and Standards, and Chief of Radiological Assessment Branch and Reliability Risk Assessment Branch.

Jack Rosenthal

Nuclear Safety

Experience includes nuclear power plant safety, regulatory development, policy development, incident response and event analyses, operational experience analyses and feedback, physics and thermal-hydraulic analyses, and severe accident analyses. Has recently been involved with four different reactor designs: the BNPP in the UAE, the U.S. APWR design, the EPR design, and the AP1000 design. Former Branch Chief of the Advanced Reactor Research Branch in the Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research, U.S. NRC.